12 November 2019


Muralha da china dicas de viagem

There are places where the seasons define very different scenarios throughout the year. Near Beijing, miles and miles of walls wind through mountains, plains, and deserts. The Wall of China is said to be over seven thousand kilometers long. I am not quite sure. But that it is breathtaking, I must agree.  And when the leaves of the trees start turning into orange tones … then the show is even more beautiful!

I’ve been to the Great Wall of China four times. In the summer, the blue sky is the biggest star, but the heat prevails and the tiredness when climbing the slopes is damned. In the spring the weather is perfect and the surrounding fields turn bright green. But in the fall … What impressive colors! I dare say that from late October to early November is the most beautiful time to visit this sensational work that the Chinese started building, know when? Between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC. The aim was to protect the nomadic tribes in northern China on the border with Mongolia. Later, during the Qin and Ming Dynasties they were increased, which did not solve much, as this last dynasty ended exactly when the Manchus invaded and crossed the wall. Well, what matters is that the walls keep telling their story for centuries, incredible as it may seem.

Muralha da china dicas de viagem

Muralha da china dicas de viagem

Muralha da china dicas de viagem

The Chinese capital Beijing is the starting point for those who want to visit the Wall. There are several access points to enter: Badaling, Simatai, Juyongguan and Mutianyu which I visited this time. It is one of the most fun because it has cable car up and down a toboggan ride. The driving distance from Beijing is just over an hour. Super chill.

The Great Wall of China is one of those places in the world that if you have not yet visited, you need to. It was elected as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is worth facing each steep step without fear.

Next week I’ll be in Egypt to celebrate my birthday. Each year I choose a place I haven’t been to yet. This will be my visited country number 105. Follow the trip on my Instagram @Claudia_Liechavicius.

Muralha da china dicas de viagem

Muralha da china dicas de viagem

Muralha da china dicas de viagem

I look forward to this adventure through the pyramids of Egypt and the Nile.

XoXo and until then.

Claudia Liechavicius

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uau, cores lindas mesmo

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