Today I chose to bring you one of Mama Africa’s most amazing destinations, Rwanda. The tiny country is home to countless families of gorillas, beings that share 98% of their DNA with humans and whose main characteristic is the sweetness of the mothers’ love for their young. Exactly in the week that Kai arrives to the world to bless the life of Camila Coelho and Ícaro, I couldn’t choose a destination that overflows more love than the “country of a thousand hills” to celebrate this date. 

An encounter with gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda is sure to be a remarkable and heartwarming experience. They currently live safely in Volcanoes National Park after being almost extinct in the past by poachers. Their luck (and ours too) changed with the generosity of the American Dian Fossey who dedicated her life to the preservation of gorillas and even lived in the forest with them, becoming almost a member of the group. This beautiful story was portrayed in the movie “Gorilla Mountain” starring Sigourney Weaver.

To immerse yourself in this culture and discover its full power, I recommend the sensational Bisate Lodge. The luxurious lodge opened its doors in 2017 with the intention of partnering with local communities, assisting in the preservation of the region’s species, and ensuring that the benefits of ecotourism bring more opportunities to the residents of Rwanda.

Bisate Lodge is ideally located in Volcanoes National Park with views of the peaks of the Bisoke and Karisimbi volcanoes towering in the forest. The lodge has six exclusive, extremely cozy and spacious villas with modern design that emphasizes elements of regional craftsmanship.

You know one of those trips of a lifetime? Rwanda is like that. Memorable, strong, and unforgettable. 

And it is with a destination full of peculiarities that I want to mark the month of August, a very special date for the Coelho family. 

Congratulations Camila, Ícaro and Kai for the love that overflows in you.
I wish you many blessings and millions of joys.

With love,