I bring you first hand some hot news coming directly from Italy. The traditional Hotel Danieli, in Venice, will undergo a major restoration and will open its doors under the administration of the Four Seasons group. If it was already good, it will be even better.

Starting with its privileged location, close to Piazza San Marco and the Gran Canal, in the Riva degli Schiavoni region. The hotel is made up of three historic buildings, with Venetian Gothic architecture and full of works of art, one of which is the 14th century Palazzo Dandolo, in addition to the 19th century Palazzo Casa Nuova and the 19th century Palazzo Danieli Excelsior. A luxury!

Venice is a wonderful labyrinth formed by 100 small islands, connected by some 400 bridges, in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. There are no cars, only pedestrians. This is its great differential. Venice is a true landmark celebrated for its art and architecture, and for this very reason it deserves to be visited on foot, without the slightest hurry, so that its treasures may leap out at every corner. It is a true open-air museum.

To get to the hotel you have to take a boat. The adventure starts there. The accommodations overlook both the canal and the bay of Venice. Renowned designer Pierre-Yves Rochon will lead the renovation of the interiors. During the refurbishment period, the hotel will remain open. What a dream!

I wish you a beautiful week!