Stunning. Odd. Unique is the perfect blend of Ruy Ohtake’s genius architecture with the luxury of being a hotel with a unique soul. For almost 20 years its unmistakable outline draws attention in the São Paulo scenario and its striking personality has become a mirror that reflects the quintessence of hospitality. Being in São Paulo, at Unique, makes a big difference.

Starting with the unprecedented facade in the shape of a half moon that almost floats in the air, adorned by circular windows spread over six floors that hold 94 incredible apartments, a few steps from Ibirapuera Park, on Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antônio, in Jardins.

Then step into the huge glass-enclosed hall that houses the sky-high lobby connected to the charming library and The Wall bar to understand that your experience will be unique. An extremely kind and professional staff will be attentive to your every move, personalizing the services during your stay. The symphony is led by Wellington Melo, a brilliant professional who has lived the hotel’s daily routine since its opening, when he was hired as a busboy and is now the general director. 

To get to the rooms, the dark elevator invites you to take a ride through the universe of sensations. Until reaching the rooms, the corridors offer a succession of curves. Suddenly the door opens to a private universe. The rooms have elegant design, total comfort, and a lot of pampering. 

On the rooftop, the Skye restaurant has established itself as an icon in São Paulo’s gastronomic scene, both for its wonderful cuisine and for the breathtaking view it offers of the city. And it is exactly on this rooftop that the red-tiled pool entered the hall of fame for being ultra instagrammable. But that’s not the hotel’s only pool. Next to the gym is a heated pool with a fun slide.

I imagine you have already noticed that Unique is a gem in the form of a hotel. It has contemporary lines, elegant interior design, innovative cuisine and the coolest rooftop in São Paulo. It couldn’t be more special.

Make a careful note of the tip.
XoXo and see you next week,