It’s adventure time. At the end of August, Explora opens the season for the Atacama to Uyuni crossing from Chile to Bolivia, lasting from 7 to 11 days. A trip that promises unforgettable memories in the white immensity of the largest salt flat in the world combined with the driest desert in the world. It is a guarantee of crossing fascinating landscapes.

Explora is known for offering experiences in remote destinations in South America. On this route the journey follows the ancient Inca trail, Qhapaqnan, through mountains filled with volcanoes, vibrant lagoons, rock formations and steaming geysers. The program includes hikes and walks through isolated villages where travelers will come into contact with local farmers to learn about quinoa cultivation and taste the local cuisine.

The route passes through two Explora Homes – Ramaditas and Chituca, designed by architect Max Núnez. The buildings are prefabricated, minimalist, made to accommodate up to 8 travelers in 4 rooms and to have as little interference as possible with the ground and the surrounding terrain. A trip that promises strong emotions. Who would like to get on board?

I wish you all a week full of adventures.