3 March 2020


Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho

Sometimes, all we need on a trip is to find the perfect place to rest. We live in an increasingly fast-paced world and relaxation is necessary. In fact, fundamental. How about taking a few days to wake up without haste, on a beautiful mountain in Switzerland, facing a lake that looks like a painting, have breakfast at any time you want, have time to meditate, take care of your body and soul, read a good book, eat very well, enjoy a respectful swimming pool and not have to leave the hotel for anything. Are you up for it?

My tip is the idyllic Villa Honegg, in Ennetbürgen. A serene, elegant, romantic hotel, with a wonderful location and a jaw dropping swimming pool. In fact it is even difficult to say if what you like best is the view of the Alps or the hotel itself. It occupies a mountain house built in 1905 that has undergone a thorough renovation. It has only 23 rooms, on Mount Bürgenstock, 20 minutes from the beautiful city of Lucerne.

Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho

Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho

Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho

Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho

You know a place that really invites you to slow down? It’s the Villa Honegg. First, because the rooms have a beautiful and cozy decor, with that nice mountain feel. Then, because you will be away from the noise of cars. The sounds you hear most throughout the day will be the birds and the little bells on the neck of the cows. In addition, the service is impeccable. Imagine being able to have a super breakfast until 2 pm wherever you want: on the terrace or in your room. For lunch and dinner you don’t even need to go out because the restaurant is super awarded and will certainly please you. But, the pool is the highlight. It is ranked among the 100 most incredible in the world. It is all aluminum, has a constant temperature of 34 degrees and even when it is snowing, it is perfect.

Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho
Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho
Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho

To exercise there are several mountain trails for hiking and if you want more peace and quiet, the hotel’s gym is great and has an excellent spa.

Suiça - Villa Honegg Camila Coelho

You can start packing to relax in Switzerland. Just don’t forget to choose a good book.

I wish you all a beautiful week.


Claudia Liechavicius

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