In spite of always being on the go when I am at home, I like to spend most of my time in my little beauty corner. Only those who travels a lot for work knows how much it is needed to take advantage of the few days at home, and thats why I like to take some time to care for myself and do a SPA DAY, where I take care of the skin, hair, body and even the mind – After all, who doesn’t love these beauty moments, right?

Therefore, today I have come to give you some tips of what I usually do to feel renewed with hydrated skin and hair, ready for a few more work days.

Passa a Passo para um SPA Day em Casa camila coelho blog

1- I always start with the hair! I take a long and relaxing shower, I apply my preferred hydration mask, then once I leave the shower, I put a cap or a towel on my head and let the product act.

2- Meanwhile, I start taking care of the skin. I begin with a facial exfoliator to remove all dead cells and then I use a cleanser, after all it is essential to thoroughly clean your face before beginning any treatment.

3- Then its time for a mask and you guys know that this is my favorite time, right?! When I do it at home, I usually use those sheet masks (Sephora has several types and with different formulas), because they are more practical and easier to use! I let it act for about 10 to 15 minutes.

4- In the bathroom I wash off the hair mas apply a conditioner ti seal the hair strands. This is also when I exfoliate the body to leave my skin smoother.

5- When leaving the shower, I like to hydrate the body. I love applying a moisturizer to damp skin because the product penetrates more easily. I also like to take this time to apply specific creams on the hands and feet.

6- On my face I use a toner and then all my favorite creams of the moment and the ones my dermatologist recommended. Remember to moisturize and use sunscreen, even if you are staying inside.

7- Finally, if you still have a little extra time, take about 10 minutes to relax. Whether it is to meditate or just listen to your favorite songs, the important thing is to disconnect from everything and just focus on you. By doing so, I guarantee that you will have a sense of renewal and let out all the stress from day to day.

Did you enjoy the tips, my loves?!

Let me know on the comments below if you have any Spa day ritual at home! I will love to know!