No matter what we do, it always happens that we wake up already having a bad hair day and many times it happens precisely in the midst of the weeks of important commitments or sometimes there is an unexpected invitation to an unforgettable party where we do not have time to stop by a salon. These types of dates always happens to me, after all, I don’t have a set routine due to my job so I don’t always have the time to do a super elaborate hairstyle for events and such.

For this reason, I created this post full of inspirations and super easy hairdo tips that you can recreate at home and leave the house in a matter of minutes. Check it out:

The high or low ponytail is always my first choice. I love and think the two add a more glam touch to the look. The low one that I wear in this style, I find it chic and stylish, and the high ponytail I go for when I want to put together a more strong and powerful look.  For a more professional look: do not forget to use a strand of hair to cover the elastic.

Ideias de Penteados Fáceis de Fazer camila coelho rabo de coques

A bun is also a great choice for days when you are in a rush. My tip is to leave it tightly put together and be careful not to let the bobby pins and elastic showing. If you prefer, you can also bet on a more laid back look leaving some loose strands.

Ideias de Penteados Fáceis de Fazer camila coelho preso lateral

If you’re the type that prefers to wear your hair loose, go for a look using a curling iron and secure only the sides to make the look more charming and different. It is worth risking creating a braid or using clips creatively like this blue triangle. A good tip is to apply a bit of texturizing powder to the root to give volume.

Ideias de Penteados Fáceis de Fazer camila coelho half bun

The half bun never goes out of style and is the favorite of many fashionistas. For this option, it is worth stylizing the loose strands leaving them super straight or wavy. It’s up to you. I Love it!

Ideias de Penteados Fáceis de Fazer camila coelho tranca

For the more skillful, I could not forget to mention the braids that are always great options when we want to give a change in the hairstyle. No matter what the style, braids always look good and give a special touch to the look.

What did you think of the tips? What is your favorite hairdo?