During the last weeks of fashion that I had attended, I began to notice that some brands bet on, for the beauty part of their fashion shows, these thinner headbands/tiaras, which reminded me of my childhood. I believe many of you also wore these famous headbands as children, but are we going to stick to this hair accessory again?

I started looking for references to see if I would get excited about this trend and of course I fell in love and can say I’m already looking forward to putting together a look with a thin headband. After all, there is nothing better than when something comes back in style to help us innovate our overall outfit and break the bad hair day, wouldn’t you agree ?!

Be it with the hair up or down, the cool thing about these headbands is that they automatically give a more feminine look to the ensemble, so my tip is to bet on the contrast, maybe playing with a heavier makeup or even a more laid-back look.

Tendência capilar- Tiara camila coelho

Photos: Pinterest

Let me know in the comments below if you, like me, already wants a headband to call your own? Haha!