While sweaters of all kinds are nothing new for winter, certain shapes or texture trends appear within the knit category that make sweaters feel surprisingly original. Last year matching sweater sets took over the fashion world—everything from cardigans and bra top to sweaters wrapped around the shoulders of another sweater— and Pantone’s color of the year the previous season. But this year there’s one sweater trend that stands out among the rest: Unique necklines.

Knits with captivating neckline cutouts have taken over as of late, with each style more unique than the last. Designers across the board have shown interesting cutouts at the neckline, bodice, and back—making a piece that was once considered boring feel anything but so. This new iteration of sweaters feels both exciting and desirable, marrying intentional design with comfort.

Photo: June Breeze

Photo: Shea Marie

Knits have really stepped up their game in recent months—we’re seeing classic silhouettes typically reserved for other fabrics translated into sweater versions. Brands like Khaite and Alexander Wang have created some iconic sweater styles worn by celebs and influencers around the globe. Contemporary brands like For Love & Lemons and Michael Costello have also jumped on board, offering single-shoulder sweaters and cutouts all around. And of course high-street retailers like Mango and Zara caused the trend to really take off. Now you can find a unique version of the trend at whatever price point you’re looking for, and this trend shows zero signs of slowing down so you can consider it a safe investment you’ll wear for years.

Photo: Jen Ceballos

Photo: Lisa DiCicco Cahue

The beauty of this trend is that styling it is beyond easy—you can pair it with whatever you would typically wear your sweaters with. From jeans to trousers to mini and maxi skirts alike, cutout sweater styles go with virtually everything (and make anything you’re wearing feel that much cooler). Even accessorizing is made easy thanks to the attention-grabbing necklines. All you really need for most styles is a simple pair of earrings or a chunky gold necklace. Just add your favorite pair and consider your look complete.

Photo: Emmanuelle Koffi

Photo: Chloé De Barros

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