Originally created as a durable piece for the fisherman over 100 years ago, the Bucket Hat became a hit among hip-hop singers and skateboarders in the 90s and 2000s. Now, millennial fashionistas have revived the piece, which has become an essential item, especially on hot summer days. Also known as “fisherman’s hat”, the model has an infinite variety of fabrics, prints, and colors to compose the look and still protect the face from the sun. Below we show some combinations and how to use this piece in comfortable looks with a touch of style.

Bucket Hats Camila Coelho

(Photo: Billie Eilish)

For the 2021 Grammys, singer Billie Eilish chose a Gucci Bucket Hat in jacquard fabric embroidered with black tigers and more: she used the same pattern in pink, gray and black when combining the piece with her face mask, suit, gloves and even her nails!

(Photo: Caroline Daur)

To compose the most casual, simple, and neutral looks, the Bucket Hat comes in as an accessory that will balance the look, bringing a splash of color with fun patterns and textures, like the model above.

For outdoor events, choose a more neutral and simple piece that will actually protect the skin from the face. Who loves the combination?

Bucket Hats Camila Coelho

(Photo: Gigi Hadid)

Is it cold out there? Invest in a “heavier” or fuzzy fabric for your Bucket Hat, which can also serve to warm and protect your head from the colder temperatures.

Logomania and 2 in 1, the Bucket Hat gets a modern version created by luxury brands, like this one from Dior. Made of cotton blend, this model can be worn on both sides, one being plain black and the other adorned with the emblematic Dior Oblique.

From fast fashion to the maisons and luxury brands, the Bucket Hat is available in different versions and promises not to leave the looks anytime soon, from the simplest, such as jeans and a t-shirt, or the most elaborate for events, such as a party dress. What do you think about this trend? Hot or not?