Some beauty tricks make all the difference in your skincare routine and even when it’s makeup time. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some tips for you to gradually include in your self-care moments and enhance your natural beauty even more.

Use thermal water before and after makeup

Photo: Eusemfronteiras

Multifunctional, thermal water is a product rich in minerals (more than the water we drink!), with antioxidant action and soothing properties. In addition, this product is ideal to moisturize, refresh, tone, and purify the skin. Recommended for all skin types, thermal spring water can also be used to help treat skin diseases such as psoriasis. In make-up, it helps to cleanse the skin and fix the final make-up. You can apply this versatile product at any time of the day, before or after any other product on the skin.

Highlighter Mixed With Your Foundation

You know when you wake up with dull skin, dark circles under your eyes, and fine lines are more evident? To bring a radiance, almost like a “natural” glow to the skin, mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with a lighter foundation. The glow will disguise these imperfections and the skin will look even.

Do the eyes first, then prepare the skin

Photo: Taylor Heery

Who has never chosen an eyeshadow that crumbled and got all over the concealer region? Or went for an eyeliner, and made a mistake with the stroke and tried to fix but ended up removing the foundation? Not fun having to start your makeup all over again from scratch… Therefore, always start your makeup from the eye area, so that if you make a mistake or any product falls on your face, you can easily clean it without compromising your skin.

Clean Your brushes frequently

Photo: Ray Piedra

It may seem like an obvious trick, but seriously, keeping the brushes clean from one makeup to the next, makes a total difference in the end result and quality of your makeup. A dirty brush can change the color of an eyeshadow, or even leave that glowing skin you wanted, looking heavy and even aged, because of the dirty brush with countless used foundation, you know? You can wash your brushes weekly with a neutral shampoo, or sanitize them every time you use them with a spray cleaner, which is very practical – just spray the product on the brush and make circular movements on a paper towel.

Tell me in the comments which tricks you already applied in your routine and which ones you were curious to try? How about a part 2 of this post?