The uniforms worn in the classic sport of tennis have been upgraded off the court and are now part of casual looks that are great for the cooler days of spring/summer.

Photo: Catch Walk

Photo: Alicia Roddy

The skorts are an indispensable piece to compose this style of look. The model has a pleated finish and a high waist, making the look more feminine and delicate.

The sweatshirt is ideal for making the look even more comfortable, besides being a key piece for the colder days. You can choose an oversized model, to cover part of the skirt, or even with a cropped cut.

Photo: Manhattan Mrs.

Photo: Fashion Trend Walk

Another piece that composes this type of look is literally the sneakers, of course. Sneakers are comfortable and have a very sporty design, usually in white. In addition, you can wear shorter socks, or as the previous looks illustrate: long cotton socks.

Photo: Ellie May

Photo: Ellie May

If you follow a more fashionista line, you can give a new meaning to the look, with more formal shirts and even a wool vest. Accessories, such as handbags, sunglasses, and jewelry, can also compose this look, making it even more modern and stylish.

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