Glowy skin is the big beauty trend of the last few years and basically consists of having skin that looks luminous, radiant and most importantly: healthy! For this, the skin prep must start still (and mainly!) during the skincare routine, with products suitable for your skin type. 

Photo: Glossier

Therefore, this effect can be achieved by all skin types, just by adapting the products. Dry skin requires products with creamier and emollient formulas, while oily skin can use gels, serums and others with lighter textures. For all skin types, the feeling that glow brings is softness, hydration, freshness, and radiance. Everything we want, right?

Moreover, maintain a regular skincare routine, both in the morning and at night, using the proper products for each step of the routine. What is essential? Never skip the cleansing, moisturizing, and protection steps, as they will make all the difference in the skin’s texture and final result.

Photo: Shania Desirae via Pinterest

Another step to enhance skin glow is during makeup application. You can start with a luminous primer, or mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with a very light foundation, or a BB Cream. The result: skin with a natural effect, where the subtle glow seems to come from within.

Next, if you want an even more glow to your skin, re-apply highlighter (the texture is up to you) to the high points of the face, such as the temples, below the eyebrows, the cupid’s bow, and the tip of the nose. 

You may or may not punctually correct some areas of the face with concealer, such as the dark circle area and some blemishes. And well, as the idea is to “reflect” a more natural skin, bet on details of the makeup and leave the heavier products aside. Apply a little blush, slightly smoke the eyes, and if you think it’s necessary, fill in and comb the eyebrows. 

Photo: Lina Raja Mourey

Photo: Star Dicas

If you find it necessary, you can apply a little translucent powder to some areas of the face that can get oily faster, such as the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). In addition, you can also use a makeup setting spray to keep everything in place longer. 

So, have you set aside the products to prepare your glowy skin?