Makeup can further enhance each person’s individual beauty, or even totally transform their appearance. The fact is: it doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear every day, but how you remove the products at the end of the day (I don’t want to see anyone saying they sleep with makeup on, huh?). 



By the way, for a flawless makeup result, the secret is not in having the best products or knowing different techniques, since the skin preparation starts with a good skincare routine. Therefore, if you do not maintain a routine of care before and especially after makeup, your skin may present several conditions, such as premature aging, uneven texture, allergies, clogged pores, and consequently, blackheads and pimples.

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Makeup remover is an essential product to remove all the “thickness” of makeup, something that only facial soap is not capable of doing. The makeup removers options available on the market are immense, so today we’re going to show you two different types, but equally effective and that are booming among beauty lovers. 

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For heavier makeup, Cleansing Oil can be a great option, since the product melts away makeup – even waterproof. Just 1 or 2 pumps of the product are enough to make a gentle massage with your hands. Then rinse your skin with water and follow with a cleanser and the following steps.

Photo of Sora Shimazaki at Pexels

Micellar water is a lighter, but multifunctional option. This product should be used with a cotton pad or a washcloth, because as the name implies, it is literally water for the skin. The micelles work like magnets and pull all the makeup into their molecules, thus removing all product residues from the skin. This type of makeup remover has properties that soothe, moisturize, and refresh the skin, so you can use it even if you don’t have any makeup on. Simple and practical, right?

Remember: to keep your skin always healthy and fresh, take good care of it. And tell us: what is your favorite type of makeup remover?