A simple look can be transformed into something sophisticated and modern with just a few accessories. A more chic look, on the other hand, can be given a new style, also with a few accessories. Notice how a few details can make all the difference? Then check out 5 accessories that can complement and enhance a look even more.

Photo: Luíza Nunes

Sunglasses are super versatile and complement the look in a unique way! Besides its basic function – to protect against the sun, the accessory can also disguise that tired face and more: it makes any look more stylish, just choose your favorite pair and voilà.

Scarves can be worn in different ways: on the hair, around the neck, as a belt, and even tied on the handbag. On the hair, the accessory ensures a more modern detail and also helps to control frizz and volume of the strands.

Photo: Kylie Jenner

Resin rings are the hottest trend right now! Fun, with applications, different shapes and countless colors, this is a Generation Z homage to the 2000s. You can wear one, or several at the same time, on one or more fingers.

Photo: Dua Lipa

This fun side of the accessories is also in the necklaces and bracelets made of pearls and colored beads at the same time. You can use the accessory to add color to winter looks, or make summer looks even more stylish.

Foto: Alicia Roddy

Silver or gold accessories? Which do you prefer? You can wear them alone or even mixed together. Classic accessories in these shades, such as hoop earrings and chains, stand out in different types of looks, especially for day to day looks. Timeless, the pieces never go out of style. 

What accessories do you most like to wear and never do without in your look?