Pinterest is the largest online referencing platform for fashion, beauty, home, recipes and etc. In its eighth edition, Pinterest Predicts, presents a report to share what the possible trends will be for the coming year. What do you think is coming next?

To give you an idea, in the last year the platform got 8 out of 10 predictions right for 2021! In all, for 2022 there are 175 trends that promise to be a hit. Let’s check out some of them in the fashion area?

A Rainbow in the Wardrobe

Get ready to wear colorful clothes this year – whether it’s color block, gradient or rainbow. In addition, the modeling will follow only one pattern: comfort! This also goes for accessories, bags and shoes. Ready for the color explosions?

Soft Gothic

Photo: Anna Shvets on Pexels

Now, if you’re into black clothes, don’t worry! The gothic style promises to dominate in 2022 as well, but now without rules and in various moods: from fashion to home decor. Terms like “Gothic cowboy”, “Gothic pajamas”, and even “Gothic kitchen decor” were searched by more than 70%.

The Return of Plaid

Plaid is a classic pattern in the fashion world already, but now it’s going to invade other areas of life, like nails, rugs or even the kitchen floors – and clothes too. Rumor has it that this pattern may gain new uses, especially in the hands of generations such as millennials and boomers.

Sleeping in Style

Foto: Polina Tankilevitch no Pexels

Get ready to retire those old clothes you usually wear to bed. It’s time for silk and satin pajamas, elegant nightgowns and other fabrics. All this without leaving comfort aside, of course. After all, comfort can also be chic!

Which trend did you like the most and intend to follow?