Very Peri is the color of 2022 according to Pantone – reminiscent of a shade of purple/lilac with a slight bluish background. On and off the runways, we’ve already noticed that the color is booming and that’s why today we’re going to share some looks for you to get inspired and rock your choice of pieces with this tone.

If you’re not used to wearing this color in your look, bet on lighter and more subtle washes, such as shades of lilac and lavender. To contrast the composition, you can combine lilac with darker and heavier pieces and fabrics, such as black and fabrics like leather and velvet.

How about matching your summer tan with the trendy color of 2022? Go for a powerful beach cover-up, or even a delicate bikini in this color.

Now, if you love to dare in your ensembles, purple with purple is a match for sure! You can combine different shades of this color, or even invest in a total monochrome look. Know that yellow and orange are complementary to purple, making the look even more modern and fashionable.

On the other hand, pink and blue make the production more balanced and go very well with purple.

Another tip for those who are starting to wear purple now, is to bet on accessories such as shoes and bags, which will also rock with this color! Versatile, you can combine purple in different looks, ensuring a modern and timeless look.

Curiosity: Pantone describes Very Peri as a color that represents the current moment of transition and transformation that we are living. After a long period of social isolation, we are changing our patterns and consuming more and more the digital universe. Therefore, this color illustrates the fusion of modern life with a futuristic touch. Interesting, isn’t it?