Celebrities are back on the spotlight on the red carpet after two years at home and we noticed some changes in the makeup chosen: if before the idea was to match some point of the makeup with the dress, the shoes and the bag, now the trend is to match the makeup with the nails and even with the hair!

Instagram Photo: @kristoferbuckle

Instagram Photo: @kristoferbuckle

Actress Jessica Chastain, Oscar winner for Best Actress, showed perfectly how to match eyeshadow and lipstick color with hair color, using different shades of orange/salmon.

Have you noticed how celebrities have opted for lighter and more radiant skin? That heavy matte skin is a thing of the past and the new era calls for glowy skin, made with a lighter foundation and the concealer + powder combo applied punctually on some blemishes and oilier areas of the skin.

Instagram Photo: @sydney_sweeney

Photo: @sydney_sweeney

To be inspired and reproduce these makeups, a good skin preparation is essential. For this, after the classic wash-moisturize-protect, choose a primer according to your skin’s needs.

The main purpose of this product is to improve skin texture and set makeup, making it stay intact and flawless for much longer.

Attention: there are different primer finishes, so in addition to the basic function, each primer can have an extra effect on makeup. There is the illuminating, neutralizing, pore minimizer, with high moisturizing power, for mature skin, with SPF and so on.

Instagram Photo: @jadapinkettsmith

Instagram Photo: @jadapinkettsmith

On the red carpet, runways, and street style, the trend of the moment is to venture into eye makeup, going from monochrome gradients to the use of rhinestones, pearls, and other elements.

Instagram Photo: @patmcgrathreal

Instagram Photo: @tombachik

If you like something simpler, invest in the classic eyeliner or the glossy effect, as both also enhance the look. The glossy effect can be done with a gloss and even combined with a colored eyeshadow. On the other hand, the eyeliner goes from the classic cat eye to the graphic and even the colorful!

Instagram Photo: @tombachik

Instagram Photo: @patmcgrathreal

Many celebrities like to match their chosen eye color with their lip color, while others prefer to highlight just one region. All lips and no eyes, or the opposite? Which is your favorite?

 What did you think of these makeups? Which one would you like to recreate?