Facial primer is a versatile and multifunctional product used in pre-makeup. Initially indicated to prepare and improve the skin to receive the other products, this product has different formulas, which can leave the skin more hydrated and illuminated, even how to make the makeup last longer throughout the day.

Available in silicone, oil or cream textures, primers have basic functions, where they help to visibly reduce pores, smooth the skin and leave it looking more even. Discover the different types of primers and understand how to choose the best option for your skin type and needs.

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In oil: Do not be fooled, because despite having an oil texture, this type of primer can be used by all skin types, as it does not leave the skin looking oily. It helps in the hydration and protection of the skin, leaving a fresh and radiant aspect.

Siliconized: The siliconized primer creates a thin film on the skin, leaving a velvety finish with a soft and smooth touch, as well as helping makeup adhere better to the skin. And more: it is indicated for all skin types.

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Illuminating: With just the right amount of shimmer particles, this type of primer can be used by all skin types. It even looks as if radiance comes from the inside out, so you may or may not use this product with foundation – as you prefer. 

Elaluz Sun Riser Illuminating Primer

Pore Minimizer: The specific primer to minimize pores acts as a kind of “putty”, completely filling the pores. Therefore, it is ideal to apply on the skin with taps, in areas with more enlarged pores.

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So, what is your favorite type of primer? And which one would you like to try?