If you love a multifunctional product, get ready to fall in love with Elaluz’s newest release, Sun Dose Self Tanning Face Drops. Make no mistake, this product is not just a body oil. With Sun Dose you will guarantee a dose of personalized tan, with just one application!

The idea is for everyone to customize their own product, creating little mixes of Sun Dose with their favorite moisturizer or beauty serum. You can put 1 to 12 drops of the Elaluz product together with your cream and spread it all over your body to maintain a perfect touch of tan, or even to achieve that “I spent my vacation in the sun” skin. 

Sun Dose Self Tanning Face Drops has a comfortably silky texture and just the right amount of concentration. In addition, it is formulated with coconut water in order to offer complete hydration to the skin.

Want more? Just like other Elaluz products, of course Sun Dose could not fail to contain the famous Camu Camu with vitamin C, as well as papaya, fig, and mango extract – amazing ingredients that enhance the skin’s glow. 

Therefore, this product not only helps to keep the tan up to date, but also deeply moisturizes the skin and more: it can be used on the body and face! Simply use Sun Dose once a day, mixing 1 to 12 drops into your favorite moisturizer and applying the product wherever you like.

The number of drops influences the power of your tan, that is: the more drops, the more intense the tan will be. After spreading the product on the skin, do not forget to wash your hands. For best results, we recommend leaving the product on the skin for at least 8 hours!

Sun Dose Self Tanning Face Drops is a vegan, cruelty free and gluten free product. Its packaging is made in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), coming from certified or post-consumer recycled forests.

What else did you like about this product? Want a tip from Camila? She mixes 6 drops of Sun Dose into her moisturizer and applies the little mixture at night!