Want to give your bodycare a boost in 2023? It’s never too late to start, and every moment of self-care is valuable. And at Elaluz we have a few products that can be part of your beauty routine and that will surely make all the difference.

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Did you know that the skin is considered the largest organ in the human body? So, nothing better than giving it extra attention, right? And it’s not just about moisturizing the face. The body also deserves a special product and for that, we have On the Daily Hydrating Gradual Self Tanning Cream, a 2×1 moisturizing body lotion, because besides taking care of the skin with softening and smoothing Brazilian ingredients, it also gives a subtle tan and leaves the skin glowing – without staining it.

With coconut water in the formula, this product helps retain skin elasticity and also improves the appearance of texture, wrinkles and fine lines, thanks to Camu Camu and Starfruit Extract, two natural vitamin C antioxidants. Use daily, any time of day!

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Rain or shine, summer, winter or mid-season, nothing better than getting your tan on, right? For this, we have the powerful Summer Forever Self Tanning Mousse, a practical self-tanning mousse to apply and spread on the skin, perfect to guarantee a unique and uniform golden color – all year round!

And to spread this product, simply use the No Tan Lines Tanning Mitt, a reusable, soft, double-sided velvet glove. This item is essential so that the tan does not have uneven coverage, ensuring an appearance without lines and spots on the skin. After using it, just wash it with water, let it dry and that’s it!

Versatile, the Summer Forever Self Tanning Mousse formula is enriched with active ingredients that help keep your skin moisturized, nourished and even an extra dose of luminosity with each use. The ingredients are vitamin-rich coconut water, Camu Camu for a unique glow, and fig extract, a powerful moisturizer that will make your skin thank you with each application. Plus, this beauty is non-sticky, quick drying, and guarantees that beach goddess color in just two hours!

Your armpits also deserve a special care and for that, nothing better than a gentle product made with natural ingredients. Meet Clean Deodorant, our ideal deodorant for the day to day, powerful for the summer or for training days! This stick product has a silky texture and a delicate rose eucalyptus flower fragrance, gently settling into the skin without blocking the pores. This allows the area to breathe all day long and even prevents any bothersome odor.

This product is rich in ingredients like coconut and sage oils, which help keep the underarm area fresh and smooth, without letting product particles build up or cause stains on clothes. In addition, it is free from ingredients that are harmful to the body, such as aluminum, baking soda, and other ingredients that can harm and compromise the health and quality of the skin.

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The coconut oil in the formula, meanwhile, is packed with nourishing vitamins, fatty acids, and is rich in antioxidants that moisturize and soothe the skin. Sage oil is a naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-odor alternative, preventing the formation of odor-causing bacteria and ensuring fresh, more protected underarms.

Have you taken care of your body today?