Number 1 fan of summer, it is impossible not to fall in love with Camila’s tan, which stays intact all year round and now. The best part? Now you too can get the same great tan! This is all thanks to Summer Forever Self Tanning Mousse, Elaluz‘s newest self-tanning mousse!!

And far beyond tanning, this product is enriched with actives that help keep skin highly moisturized, nourished, and even an extra dose of illuminated with each use.

With Summer Forever Self Tanning Mousse you’ll find the “sun” any time of the year, keeping your million dollar tan up to date! And for those who love practicality, get ready to fall even more in love with this product, since it is non-sticky, quick-drying, and guarantees that beach goddess color in just two hours!

Let’s unveil this product’s rich formula? We love it as it contains 100% natural DHA, which gives you an instant, long-lasting tan and still has perfect Brazilian ingredients, such as vitamin-rich coconut water, Camu Camu for a unique illuminator and fig extract, a powerful moisturizer that will make your skin thank you with every application.

Below, you can see in detail the power of each active present in the exclusive Summer Forever Self Tanning Mousse formula:

Coconut water: a vitamin-rich water that helps the skin retain elasticity and encourages cell growth

Camu Camu: A natural vitamin C powerhouse that brightens the skin and improves its appearance, providing protection against environmental stressors and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Papaya Extract: A natural exfoliant with powerful enzymes that help eliminate dead skin cells and improve skin tone and texture over time

Mango Extract: A vitamin-dense fruit extract, including vitamin A, that promotes a brighter complexion and younger-looking skin

Fig Extract: A nourishing, hydrating fruit extract that keeps skin hydrated

To spread this beauty all over your body, just use the No Tan Lines Tanning Mitt, the soft glove made of double-sided velvet. And why use it? In addition to being reusable, this glove is essential so that your tan doesn’t get uneven coverage. With this, it helps to perfect the application of Summer Forever Self Tanning Mousse, ensuring a streak-free appearance on the skin. To use it again,just rinse with water, let it dry and you’re done!

Extra tips before using Summer Forever Self Tanning Mousse:

Summer Forever Self Tanning Mousse has a packaging made in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), coming from certified or post-consumer recycled forests.

So, who is already excited to get these products and keep their tan up to date, all year round? Which detail about Elaluz’s new self-tanner did you love the most?