If you are a fan of a practical skincare routine and want to treat your skin punctually, get ready to adopt the care that is trending right now-especially on TikTok! 

Known as Skin Cycling, the new routine that’s been a hit was created and popularized by the North American dermatologist Whitney Bowe. The doctor created a “skin cycling” method, which consists of just four steps (one per day), with specific products and assets for each day, in order to renew and enrich the health of the skin.

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It all starts with cleansing the skin, followed by exfoliation on the first night, the use of retinol on the second day, and the use of creams specially indicated to repair the skin barrier on the third and fourth day – allowing the skin to recover from the actions of the first phases. Got confused? Then check out the step by step procedure shared by Dr. Whitney:

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Night 1

Chemical exfoliation: to prepare the skin, deeply clean the pores and remove all dead skins.

Night 2

Retinoid: stimulate the acceleration of skin cell turnover, helping to treat mild acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Also ideal for visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Noites 3 & 4

Time to recover your skin! Invest in hydrating serums or moisturizing creams that don’t contain the active ingredients used the night before. Dermatologist recommends hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides.

Simple, practical, and apparently effective, right? Who here has tested this routine that is trending on TikTok?