Having hydrated, shiny and silky hair is a wish that most women have, but we don’t always have time to give it the attention that our strands deserve, right?! Therefore some small daily care are important to achieve that mermaid hair that we love and want, especially during physical exercises.

Yes! The sweat damages the strands more than you think and the hair suffers the external aggression even on a simple run.  The great villain is the salt, which is produced in excess when we are under great physical effort and, when it comes into contact with the hair, resulting in dry, brittle, fragile and opaque strands – that is why after any activity it is normal for it to be super frizzy.  The bad news is that it is useless to just wash the strands after exercise, care must be taken well before beginning the activity. Therefore, in today’s post, I separated some tips that will help you to keep your body in shape without leaving the strands dry.

Cuidados com os Cabelos Antes dos Exercícios camila coelho blog

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1- Starting with the step which must be done even during the lazy days at home: protect the strands. The leave-ins are full of benefits because they moisturize, nourish, prevent frizz and also remove the split ends. Apply it to the entire length so that the salt does not come in contact with the hair. If you do outdoor exercises, protect the strands with UV protection! There are many leave-ins that already have protection against external agents in the formula.

2- Avoid putting up the hair very tight in a pony tail or bun during the workout, they can damage the hair, so always do a braid and secure it with pins without metal.

3- In spite of not being “good” for the hair to wash it daily, this is a rule that does not apply if you exercise every day, so it is very important to remove the salt from the hair as fast as possible. The more it comes in contact with the strands, the more they will be dry and brittle.

4- Take advantage of the time you are caring for the body to take care of the strands too and do a hydration with your preferred oil and continue throughout the length of the hair before beginning the exercise. I love coconut oil, it moisturizes sooo much!

5- Lastly, there is no point in all these tips if you do not hydrate your hair on a weekly basis, you can do it at home! Take 1 day of your week and choose your favorite hair mask , after all, they are going to be more sensitive than the strands of those who do not exercise. That is why hydration is even more important in these cases.

Tell me in the comments if you have any great tip to keep your hair hydrated!

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