Have you ever considered traveling alone? To have the chance to manage your choices and your time as you wish? A lot of people turn up their noses at the modality I call “solo flight.” But, imagine the rewarding adventure that can result from this experience!

There were many destinations I explored by myself: London, Paris, Dubai, Havana, Lisbon, Miami, Toronto, Denver, Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile … Imagine how good it can be to wake up whenever you feel like it, sit down in a cafe to enjoy the moment, watch life go by without haste, enjoy that museum you always wanted to, or even enter a shop to snoop around and stay there for as long as you want. Traveling alone makes us feel stronger and more self-confident. And on the other hand, it asks for a good dose of responsibility to resolve any possible setback that may happen.

Here are a few important tips for your solo adventures:

– Choose a well located and reliable hotel
– Put a local chip in your phone to guarantee access wherever you are
– Avoid walking through dark and unmoked places
– Opt for warmer times when there is more joy in the air
– Take a good book to keep you company
– Learn to balance freedom and responsibility

Want some destination tips for you explore on your own?

Of course, each person has his/her own profile when it comes to traveling and makes his/her choices based on heart waves. Consider traveling alone to big cities like Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, London, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Las Vegas because they are fun places and full of possibilities. Avoid countries in conflict and countries where differences between the sexes are not yet respected. For boys a solo trip is still easier. That’s why today I wrote thinking a lot about the girls!

I guarantee that with such care you can live an incredible experience. You will have time to reflect on life, to enjoy your moment, to risk new attitudes and to count on yourself. You run the risk of finding out that you can be a great company. So, would you make a solo flight?

I wish you all a week full of great choices.

XoXo and until next Tuesday!

Claudia Liechavicius