Hello, my people! Did you start the new decade on the right foot? I hope 2020 will come to brighten everyone’s life. So let’s travel? A doubt that is always up in the air is how to pack a damn suitcase. And for a Muslim country, like Egypt, where I was last month (and loved it!!), the uncertainties increase even more. Do you have to cover your hair? Dresses or pants? Overlaying clothes? But what about the heat? How do you do it?

Entering a country of a different culture from ours requires a lot of respect. You have to fit the context. The predominant religion of Egypt is Islam, but they are not radical with tourists. Several times a day you will hear the call of the muezzin echoing from the speakers of the mosques announcing the time of prayer. Men and women circulate in robes that cover the whole body. Women wear scarves covering their hair, especially in smaller towns.

Westerners who visit Egypt do not need to cover their hair. But to show respect for local traditions it is worth wearing long skirts, loose dresses, pantaloons and clothes that do not mark the body. Tunic or overlaid shirt is always a good option. Avoid necklines.

My little secret… Pashminas and scarves are great coadjuvants. They help in any situation, whether it’s a cold one, to pump up your look or even to throw over the hair and cover the shoulders in any eventuality. Even so, our outfits attract attention. There’s always someone looking and risking asking for a photo.

Looks: Animale, Lenny Niemeyer, Farm, ATeen

Ready to pack? Oh, and it all fits in one bag. Hand. No carrying the house on your back. A light 2020!

I wish you a fun and sunny week.

XoXo and see you next Tuesday.

Claudia Liechavicius