That Brazil is incredible in terms of natural beauty, needless to say. So, imagine enjoying one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in the northeast – Praia do Preá – in a recently inaugurated sand hotel with an innovative concept of hospitality. Ostentation leaves the scene and the curtains open for ultra personalized service, with total focus on the privacy of the guests. Perfect Combo!

With the relaxed atmosphere of a beach house, the Casana opened its doors in 2019, in the state of Ceará, with only eight elegant bungalows built between white sand dunes and sparkling water lagoons. Without neglecting for even an instant sustainability, the hotel was designed by Natália and Jimmy, the owner couple, to serve with excellence the most demanding guests, always in direct connection with nature.

He is Swedish, with a stamped passport in more than 110 countries. She is Brazilian, born in the capital of Ceará. They met while practicing Kitesurf and decided to undertake in the surroundings of Jericoacoara. Perfect winds for kitesurfing are constantly blowing on this curve in Brazil and of course the sport is part of the attractions of Casana, after all the idea of the project came exactly from this breeze.

Among the peculiarities of Casana is the check in done in the bungalow itself, which incidentally has the characteristic of combining sophistication with practicality. Some accommodations have a private pool and hot tub. The hammocks, which are the face of the northeast, are scattered everywhere inviting you to a sweet swing.

Gastronomy is another highlight. Meals are served at the times chosen by each guest, using seasonal, organic, fresh ingredients and valuing the integration with the local community.

Casana was already born in the vanguard of tourism and proposes a super exclusive accommodation in tune with the surrounding environment, on a plot of more than 10 thousand square meters.

Write down this the tip if you are the type who loves to feel the wind ruffling your hair, the sun turning your skin golden and your feet treading on the sand.

XoXo and see you next Tuesday.