It is likely that you have already been struck by Namibia’s beautiful images, whether it is at Sossusvlei, home to the world’s largest dunes; at Deadvlei, a dry swamp that is the country’s main postcard; or of the Himba women who adorn their hair with a mixture made of butter and clay. This country full of personality lies in southern Africa below Angola and deserves your attention.

Namíbia Kulala Desert Lodge Camila Coelho

Namibia is relatively large and its attractions are well spread out. You need to be calm and well organized to make an unforgettable trip. I’ll help you with this planning by recommending the best camps and lodges, belonging to Wilderness Safaris, the largest Tourism Conservation company in the world, which offers a truly differentiated look and a lot of responsibility both in preserving this remote destination and in the lives of the region’s inhabitants.

Namíbia Desert Camila Coelho

The Namibian lodges and camps belonging to Wilderness Safaris are intimate, in stunning natural settings and highly acclaimed at international awards. You can build your trip by choosing from Little Kulala in the unmissable Sossusvlei region with only 11 lodges; Rhino Desert Camp in Damaraland, a rhino conservation reserve, with 8 tents; the famous Hoanib Skeleton Coast on the Skeleton Coast, also with 8 tents, where a small group of lions have adapted to the arid desert conditions; and the sensational Serra Cafena where you will meet the Himba tribe. You don’t have to worry about anything because they set up the whole trip.

Namíbia Little Kulala Camila Coelho

We are increasingly responsible for the choices we make when traveling the world. Seeking out properties committed to preserving and restoring wildlife and caring for the people of Africa is our duty to lovingly care for the planet. Always be aware. Research before you travel. 

The easiest way to get to Namibia is via South Africa. At this point, it is necessary to present a negative PCR result when entering the country and to have a complete vaccination certificate.

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