Sometimes all you need is to take off your shoes, step on the sand, slow down, feel the energy of the sun beating down on your skin, and let the wind ruffle your hair. So I’ll give you a hint of a refuge in the quiet village of Preá, in Ceará, 30 minutes from Jericoacoara: Rancho do Peixe

Well, this Inn on the sand has managed to transform lodging into art. Its 26 bungalows are huge, with 80 square meters of charm and were made with reused wood, on stilts, with sustainability present in every detail. Its architecture is so ingenious that it privileges the natural circulation of the air, you won’t even miss air conditioning. The decor has a lot of character, bed with mosquito net, sofas with colorful cheetah pillows, bathroom open to nature. It’s all connected with the local culture. Lots of rusticity mixed with sophistication and comfort. The inn belongs to the e-group and has the Elegant Circuit seal.

For those who love sea and wind sports, the Rancho do Peixe inn is right in the “World Kitesurfing Mecca” and has become a reference for sailors all over the world, in addition to receiving couples looking for tranquility and families with children. The wind season runs from July to December and attracts kites and windsurfers. In the other months, the wind calms down and the paradisiacal beaches and lagoons set the tone.

And speaking of lagoons, don’t miss the Lagoas Azul and Lagoas do Paraíso. They are connected and form a large pond. For lunch I recommend the B&B restaurant, on the shores of Lagoa do Paraíso. Make reservations in advance and take the opportunity to take a dip, relax in the hammocks that hang in the water and go stand up paddle.

Also go to Praia da Barrinha, which is 6 kilometers from Praia do Preá and walk through the unspoiled dunes. For lunch in Barrinha I recommend the Komaki restaurant, which is rustic and delicious. The low tide time makes everything even more beautiful.

With time, go to Jericoacoara which is 12 kilometers away and has tasty restaurants like Vila K, Tamarindo, Ello and Na Casa Dela. Also, walk around the shops to take a look at the clothes made by the crocheters in the region and don’t miss the classic sunset on the dune.

This is a trip that will take you into a more tranquil pace, enjoy nature, and who knows, take advantage of the powerful winds of the region to take some kite or windsurfing lessons. 

With this super tip I wish you a week of great winds.

XoXo and see you next Tuesday.