For some time now, Jurerê Internacional beach, in Santa Catarina, has been among the hottest beaches in the Brazilian summer. And now the experience promises to be even more sophisticated with the arrival of the Fuso Concept hotel.

To start the conversation, its location is more than privileged, between the trendy Jurerê Internacional and the calmness of Praia do Forte beach, on a plot of 7 thousand square meters, near Fortaleza da Ponta Grossa, a historical area that dates from the 18th century and is protected by IPHAN – National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute. For this very reason, the construction is more compact and surrounded by greenery, with a garden designed by renowned landscape designer Alex Hanazaki.

The Fuso has 13 private, glass-enclosed bungalows that allow for integration with nature. All of them are extremely comfortable, with a cool and cozy atmosphere, and nine of them have private pools. The hotel was designed by architect Eduarda Tonietto with striking, minimalist features in a contemporary language. It values national design with furniture signed by names like Sérgio Rodrigues and Jader Almeida.

The sunset is a highlight in the late afternoon on the main deck. But if you want to go further, Fuso offers exclusive experiences such as dinner with a personalized menu served on the terrace, yoga practice, kitesurfing classes, diving at Arvoredo Island, and the delicious Gaya Spa.

In terms of gastronomy, chef Quevedo runs an avant-garde cuisine in partnership with Lui Veronese, in which regional ingredients of the highest quality are prioritized. It is worth remembering that Santa Catarina has famous cuisine.

You can already understand that Jurerê Internacional just won what was missing, an impeccable hotel, careful with the environment, elegant and with great service. Add it to your wish list.

I wish you a wonderful week.