Episode 4 of this delightful Pregnancy “series” (which is flying by!), is a “he or she” quiz, but in a maternity version. Icaro and I are very competitive in games, but it was super cool to answer these questions to see who is more likely to do a certain thing from the moment Baby Coelho is born. Check out the questions:

  1. Who will cry the most during the birth?
  2. Who will give the first bath?
  3. Who will spoil the child the most?
  4. Who will help more with homework?
  5. Who will obey the child more?
  6. Who will bother the pediatrician the most?
  7. Who will blow the pacifier and not wash it when it falls on the floor?
  8. Who will be the first to take him to a fast food?
  9. Who will the child obey the most?
  10. What will be the first word the baby will say: Mom or Dad?
  11. Who will play more?
  12. Who will make the tastiest baby food?
  13. Who will be the first to wake up when the baby cries?
  14. Who will be the most paranoid with illness?
  15. Who will enforce the rules the most?
  16. Who will buy everything the child asks for?
  17. Who will change the diaper first?

Who do you think is most likely for each question? Moms and Dads on duty, answer these questions together too! Have fun with us in the video and see our answers:

Around here, we’re already past 26 weeks, so it’s getting closer and closer to meeting our long-awaited baby! Who do you think he will be more like: me or Icaro? Haha.

See you next week, okay?