Without making a fuss, Filha da Lua Ecolodge was born during the pandemic, the fruit of an European couple’s passion for Brazil, and soon became the big star of the Rio Grande do Norte coast. 

Let me explain better. It all started seven years ago when the beautiful Polish model Inga and her kitesurfer husband Fred decided to put down roots here. At first the idea was just to build a base to escape the European cold. But the passion spoke louder, not only for the breathtaking landscapes and the good winds, but mainly for the simple people who make the Brazilian northeast shine. 

That’s how Fred and Inga focused on an incredible socio-environmental project to make a difference in the world. They founded two schools to teach English and vocational activities for the local community (today with 600 students), created a Kite school to insert a part of these students into the job market and built Filha da Lua based on a project totally focused on sustainability , whose cuisine is gluten free and supplied with organic food produced at Fazenda Pachamama, also belonging to the group, since Inga is celiac and this subject is taken seriously. A beautiful project with proposals totally in tune.

I imagine you have already noticed that the Son of the Moon came into the world to shine. Its 17 suites are immense and distributed among 9 wooden and straw bungalows in Balinese style. The construction was done on stilts so as not to harm the soil, with reforested wood, and the waste station is 100% ecological. The property is surrounded by green on all sides, with the sea as horizon. And what a sea! Praia das Minas beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil and is protected for nesting sea turtles.

Now let me tell you the details. I was greeted with a personalized card, fruit basket and flowers all over the room. The decor of the suites is beautiful and the furniture all came from Bali. Want more details? Four-poster beds, two types of bathrobes, double sinks, amenities made by hand with biodegradable products (including toothpaste) and plastic packaging were completely abolished, even the shower caps. Sensational!

One of those little corners of the world that deserve our reverence. May it serve as an inspiration for us to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren.

XoXo and a week full of love!