Who here is part of the team that was super into a basic brow smokey and almost never went for colored eyeshadows?  I confess that for a long time I only wore classics brown, gray and black shadows but nowadays colors have increasingly taken over the beauty world, giving us more freedom to create a beautiful, powerful and vibrant makeup look.

It all started with the orange that was a hit on makeup artists’ benches and now another tone that came to complement our beauté moment is pink.

Beauty Fever- Sombra Rosa camila coelho

The shade, which despite being vibrant, can be fun and at the same time ideal for all occasions, perfect to wear during the day or even at night, from winter to summer. Moreover, the best thing is that this trend does not require you to be any expert on smokey looks, the fashion now is to bet on monochrome, applying only a single shade of pink on the concave and thats it!

Beauty Fever- Sombra Rosa camila coelho

To leave it with a professional finish, it is worth applying the shadow also in the lower eyelid and smoke out the entire outline of the eyes with a clean brush to create a discreet gradient.

Beauty Fever- Sombra Rosa camila coelho

Ah! And if you do not have a pink shade in your makeup drawer, do not worry, it’s worth improvising and using a pink tone blush that you may have. The effect looks beautiful!

What did you think? Let me know on the comments below if this is a makeup trend you would wear!

Photos: Pinterest