Multifunctional products are practical in different stages of beauty and makeup, they make the routine easier and optimize the space in your makeup bag and even in the dressing table. This is because, usually, these products can be used for two or more functions at the time of make-up. Here are some products that fit into this category:

Photo: Pexels

BB Cream

Photo: Pexels

For those who love a more natural and hydrated skin, BB Cream is a 10 in 1 product. Known as a “miracle product”, it has functions such as: hydration, sun protection factor, anti-aging, smoothes imperfections, brightens the skin , anti-shine action and more!

Highlighting Eye Shadow

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That eyeshadow without a color base, but with a lot of shine, can be used for its original function, but also to highlight the face and even the center of the lips – especially if it is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested!

Cream Blush

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Some creamy blushes can be used on the face area, as eyeshadow and even as lipstick! In addition, this product is even more practical, as it can be applied with different types of brushes, sponge and even with the fingertips.

Creamy Eye Pencil

Photo: Clement Percheron

That softer eye pencil, in addition to being used on the waterline, can still serve as an eyeliner and even as an eyeshadow. For this last function, just apply a little of the product close to the lashes and then use a brush to blend it all over the eyelid.

Creamy Lipstick

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That creamy shimmery lipstick can be used as a blush and can be spread with your fingers. That simple!

Benefits of multifunctional products

So, do you already use multifunctional products? Which do you like the most?