Better than the makeup process is to create a skin that lasts the whole day or night, without having the fear of the foundation  start to crack or melt, and for that not to happen, in my day to day I do some simple and fast tricks that I came to share with you in today’s post.

Keep in mind that the product we choose influences a lot on durability, so always choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin type and that has a long-lasting proposal. That being said, let’s go for the first tip:

como fazer a base durar mais camila coelho2

I never get tired of saying that a dehydrated skin does not hold the makeup, it will do you no good to use the best brands if your skin is not well prepared. Therefore, before applying foundation cleanse the skin with a cleanser/cleansing oil, a toner and apply your favorite moisturizer and only then start the skin preparation.

The thermal water or setting sprays is your best friend when it comes to durability, go ahead and drench your face with these products.

como fazer a base durar mais camila coelho2

Do not run away from setting powders, even if your intention is to make it as natural as possible. Apply it at strategic points, where you know that your skin is more likely to be oily and thus spread to the rest of the face.

como fazer a base durar mais camila coelho2

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Lastly, the way you apply can make a total difference. I’m part of the team that loves to apply with a normal foundation brush and then hit it with a damp sponge. It leaves the skin looking more beautiful and still increases the durability.

What did you think of these tips, my loves?

Share with me on the comments below what your tips are for longer lasting foundation!