Fashion shows are great thermometers to follow what is going to be hot in the world of makeup! Graphic eyes, neutral shadows, illuminated inner corner… from time to time the eye makeup trends gain new shades and today we are going to talk about on one that caught our attention: Lilac eyeshadows!

At Prada’s 2021 winter collection runway show, makeup artist Pat McGrath bet on and even innovated this trend, combining lilac with two more shimmering eyeshadows, one blue and the other yellow.

(Photo: Karine Basílio)

Lilac matches and highlights all skin types even more. And with the use of face masks on account of covid-19, the focus on the look with colored shadows has become one of the main highlights in the beauty world for 20/21. Let’s check out some inspirations to try out?

Smoky Lilac

(Photo: sirjohn)

To achieve the perfect smoky, choose a very fluffy brush to spread the product (either liquid or powder eyeshadow) and blend the edges well, leaving them with a flawless, streak-free finish.

Powerful Liner

(Photo: Hung Vanngo)

To get away from the traditional black winged eyeliner, you can invest in a bolder line with purple/lilac eyeliner.

Two Points of Color

(Photo: novikova.annie)

(Photo: Mia Connor)

Want to combine lilac with another shade? Here you can do it all! Whether on the inner corner of the eyes or on the lower lashes, bet on the mix of colors and combine them in a single makeup look. This will bring out your eyes even more!

Glossy Effect

Gloss has gained a new function in makeup and migrated straight to the eyes!

To ensure a wet effect, you can first apply the eyeshadow and then apply the gloss all over the eyelid, patting it gently with your fingers or spreading it with a synthetic bristle brush. You can also mix the two products directly on the back of your hand and then apply to the eyelid.

False Lashes

(Photo: Danielle Marcan)

To bring even more power and highlight to the look, bet on false eyelashes, a lighter coverage, and a nude lipstick. Très chic!

Colored Eyelashes

(Photo: Karine Basílio)

Want to go beyond the eyelids? Then how about taking the lilac to the upper and lower lashes? This look is more conceptual and came straight from beauty editorials and international runways. If you like the monochromatic style, you can take the color to other areas too, as in the case of the photo, where the model chose a nail polish to match.

So, what do you think of this makeup trend? Let me know in the comments what was your favorite inspiration!