Those who have never failed a winged liner should win an award, lol. This line can make all the difference in your makeup, making it more elegant and powerful. Today we have prepared a guide with types of liners for you to copy right now. Check it out!

The classic winged eyeliner never goes out of style and is perhaps the easiest type to reproduce, you just need to know how to adapt it according to the shape of your eyes. You can achieve the line with different types of products: eyeliner pen, gel eyeliner, eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner… The secret is to rest your elbow on a straight area, so you guarantee more firmness to make the line.

Photo of Michelle Leman on Pexels

The hollow eyeliner is a more modern version and allows different geometric shapes? Anything goes with a good dose of color: polka dots, hearts and other elements. You can do this with a precision eyeliner brush.

Photo: Juliana Rakoza

Photo: Juliana Rakoza

The double eyeliner is a variation of the cat eye and to differentiate the lines, you can play with two colors. It might look super elaborate, but it’s still an easier version to make and you can start with the lighter color for the background with a thicker stroke. Then, just come with the darker color and complement it with a thinner line at the base of the lashes.

The trend of the moment is the inverted eyelines, that is, when you take the line to the lower waterline and blend it with a smoky line. In this case, the ideal is to use gel eyeliner or eye pencil, both very soft and easy to have more control of where you would like to create the line.

Of these 4 types of eyeliner, which do you like the most?